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Remove duplicate content,set canonical url

>When checking once my SEO checklist from my web-host provider,I am still getting duplicate content,title problem.So here we can learn about duplicate content,duplicate title and how to remove them.What is canonical url and how to set it for your web site?These are my basic topics for this post.I tried to learn everything about that,find some useful hints and content regarding this,as well you too have some knowledge,so we can give a better advice to our newbie.That’s why I need your experience and opinions about it.Do you have anything to share about it then please COMMENTS HERE.

What is duplicate content?
At the beginning I was to confused about it.It surely talking about those content which are likely copied from another source or website or from another blog of same niche.I was wrong and as you know duplicate content are not those content which are directly copying from another source.At least search engine think so,according to them if you are not maintaining your search engine optimization then you are creating duplicate content everyday,every moments.As you are writing a new post,it just create so many duplicate content.
You can say all are not hungry to optimized their search engine visibility and ranking,they don’t need so.But if you are a niche blogger and you want to gain your SERP and better result at search engine then you have to overcome this problem.

Suppose you have a post about a scandal of Hollywood star,then this post will be accessible through your direct post link,through your category link,through your tag link(label for blogspot),through your archive post link.So you can imagine a single post is available for both visitor and search engine through different link.This will be treated as duplicate content,as search engine will think same content for different link.
Again a post of yours could be tagged by another website,so that when search engine crawls his link (tag link) he will redirect to your page and found same content what ever he founds while crawling your link.

How to overcome this?
For this reason Search engine has implemented a new tag which is “rel=canonical”.you have to tell search engine which is your preferred link which should be crawled and rest will be treated as canonical.You have to put this between your “head ” section of your template.

<link rel="canonical" href=""/>

.I suppose you have made a post about “Hollywood”.
This is a hint for search engine and they will not index anymore of your same post through different link.

Canonical Plug-in :
I am using a canonical plug-in for this purpose,as I found its difficult to put such tag every time manually.I have came across a great plug-in from Yoast.Though there are so many plug-in for this purpose.Yoast have an another plug-in combining with some common plug-in which is almost as good as All In Seo pack.
I just want to include I have install All In one Seo pack earlier and they have also a small option for canonical url.I have checked for but don’t know how why SEO testing tools are showing I have so many duplicate content,that is why I have install this new plug-in for removing duplicate content.

I have another post regarding this duplicate content no-index and how to remove duplicate title.This will come next.


  1. computea says:

    yeah, duplicate content is bad for serp. thanks for sharing tip to fix its.

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  3. don’t you think keeping so many plugins can lower down the loading time of site? yes it is good, no doubt, but keeping so much of plugins will surely lower down your speed.
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