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How to stop indexing duplicate content and title

>In earlier post I have discuss about canonical url and duplicate content.How to stop them,how to stop search engine to crawl your duplicate content.Whether you are copying content from another source or not it is confirm that you are creating duplicate content and duplicate title at your site.In the beginning of my search of this term duplicate content when I find an analysis about my seo weakness through SEO tools,I find so many post with same title and so many link for same content.Here we will discuss about how to stop search engine to crawl those content.

After using All in One SEO Pack as SEO plug-in for my WordPress site,I found little changes for my duplicate content,though this plug-in is great for its meta tag for different post and pages.I am using now a new plug-in name Robots Meta which are also created by Yoast.

How to use of this plug-in?

At first I should Include  blogspot blogger doesn’t have facility to use such plug-in,though they have some hacks for such useful task,yet you can do it by manually by editing your Robot.txt file .Another tips my be useful for you,you can go to Google webmaster Tools section if you have your blog added there.Go to “Site Configuration” from the left sidebar and then go to “Crawler access”.You will find here a tab “Remove Url”.Click there and add your link if think these are no-index-able.You can find your bad link which has re-direction problem or 404(not found) problematic link in Diagnostics->Crawl error tab.

Now if you want to use this Robots Meta plug-in for no-index your url then just download the plug-in and install it.You can find various option in the setting tab of the plug-in.

Setting of No-index Plug-in :

1) you shouldn’t want to index your search result page.Most of the time this page doesn’t include any content and it is not necessary to index too.So you can set no-index for this page here.

2) If you are from WordPress or any other software then you must have some administrations page which are not necessary to index.If you have no options to stop them then search engine will index them and it will affect your quality and search engine visibility.So stop to index those page from here.

3) Sub-pages of your site will produce duplicate content and duplicate title as those pages has content which are also available in your category pages,tag pages,archive pages and individual pages.So stop them to index.

4) Stop indexing author pages if any.

5) Stop indexing archive pages if you want,as these will produce duplicate content again.

6) Stop indexing category and tag pages both or any one from both.I think this should be stopped as your all pages has individual link to index,so why give search engine to index same pages multiple times.

This above are summary of non-index-able pages.You have more option to enable in the plug-in settings.

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