Search engine visibility:Godaddy Report

Search engine visibility:Godaddy Report

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Many of us hosting their website Godaddy.I am not going to talk about its advantage or disadvantages.I am just going to share a SEO report from their search engine visibility tools for my website.I had tried many times this tools,all the time it has some bad news for my website.Here is top 10 Seo Check list which you can too try for yourselves.

* Proper Title Tags

Well-constructed title tags contain the main keyword for the page,which I have said in my earlier post “Remove stop words…….“. Though some said it should be limited characters and avoid using stop words such as: a, if, the, then, and, an, to, etc. Your title tag should also be limited to the use of alphanumeric characters, hyphens, and commas.
My case: You have title tag issues on some pages.

* Proper Description Tags

According to them good description tags contain information about the page’s content and persuade search engine users to visit your web site. This also have some word limitations.
My case:The majority of your pages have description tag issues

* Proper Keywords Tags

Your keywords meta tag should contain between 5-10 keywords or keyword phrases that are also found in page content.Though this word limitations varied with different specialist.
My case: The majority of your pages have keywords meta tag issues.

* Proper Heading Tags

Each page of your site should use at least the H1 heading tag for the search engines that examine it when crawling your site.Though I have some confusion about h1 and title tag at first.I have enough title tag but no h1 tag at all.I will adopt this tag soon and hopefully write about it.
My case: You have heading tag issues on some pages.

* Page Content

Pages should have between 300 and 700 words of descriptive content that contains the keywords specified in the keywords meta tag for the page.I have again some confusion with number of words of a post.Though keyword should be divided into your whole post,like first paragraph,middle of the post and in the end of post.
My case: The majority of your pages have page content issues.

* Proper Navigation

Each page of your site should contain links to every other page . This is a critical step for the proper indexing and page rank distribution of your site.I use page navigation plug-in for this issue.Though I have some problem.
My case: You have navigation issues on some pages.

* Proper Sitemap

It’s important to use two site maps for your website–an XML version and a static version. I use both version.You can read my post regarding sitemap….
My case:You’re using a proper site map

* Controlled Crawling

It’s important that search engine spiders find your robots.txt file that guides spiders to pages and directories.You can edit your robots.txt file if you want to remove any particular pages.Read my problem with robots.txt file causing 302 redirection.
My case: You’re using a robots.txt file.

* Duplicate Content/Tags

Because search engines treat web sites as a grouping of pages and not a single entity, each page on your site should be unique so that the tags and content differ between each page. Doing so increases the number of pages that will rank.Plus you have take care about duplicate content.Proper indexing your pages might avoid duplication.Read my articles about duplicate content…no-index and use canonical url….
My case: You have minor duplicate tag issues.

* Word Density

Again pages should contain 300 to 700 words of unique and descriptive content.Though has some different opinion about words number.
My case: You have major word density issues.


That’s all .I think this top 10 seo checklist will help you too.Now my question is that have you ever use godaddy seo tools reports for your search engine optimization?Is it really worth’s value?I don’t know report has genuineness or not,but I know the issue are hot and important.We should take care about those point always for better SEO.

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