SEO Techniques for an Online Gadget Store

SEO Techniques for an Online Gadget Store

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SEO Techniques for an Online Gadget Store

Search Engine Optimization methods and principles may vary in application depending on the type of website, its content, audience and purpose. The SEO campaign of a niche website may differ from a blog and a storefront. Then again, one store’s campaign may differ from another store. For example, an online clothing store may employ a few techniques that may not be necessary for a gadget store. Here are a few basic considerations that need to be accommodated when planning a Search Engine Optimization campaign for an online gadget store.

Organizing the Product Catalog

For an online gadget store, it is imperative that the products are properly classified and organized. The first step is to group like items – smart phones, tablets, laptops, net books, cameras and their respective accessories must be classified accordingly. The second step is to group like items by brand. In this way, the customers can easily browse the items in which they are interested. Also, search engine spiders would be able to crawl the related pages more efficiently.

Choosing and Assigning Keywords

Choosing keywords is a lot less easy with products, because the brand and model is a dead giveaway. However, keyword research must still be done in order to find out the specific keywords or key phrases popularly used in finding a particular product. Aside from the product brand and model, another technique when assigning keywords is to highlight the unique feature of a product. For example, “IR cameras” or “Infrared cameras” or “touch resistive keypad phone”.

Creating Effective Content

Once keywords are assigned to a specific product page, the next step is to create content that serves both consumers and search engines. On the downside, the content may be limited when it comes to gadgets because the technical specifications and features are fixed and, obviously, cannot be changed. While it is true that one gadget store may list the same features as another store, getting an effective copywriter may be able to present the same facts in a more persuasive and attractive way. An able content writer will be able to create unique content that all search engine bots love.

Including Review and Comment Pages

Product reviews are a cost-efficient way of providing unique content. Consumers use reviews, comments and recommendations when deciding to purchase any gadget. It is wise to feature comments and reviews within the product page and at the same time create a separate page which will hold all the rest of the reviews. Keep in mind that the product page and the reviews page should have different, yet still related, keywords from one another.

In this day and age where phones, tablets, laptops and cameras are a necessity, online gadget stores vie for the attention of consumers. The tight competition is fought in the battlefield called search engine results pages. With effective Search Engine Optimization techniques, one store can edge out one’s competitors. A successful optimization campaign provides a store a great number of targeted traffic that converts into paid customers, realizing the goal of profit.

Clarence Tate has been working in the SEO industry since 2004, specializing in on-page optimization. He is currently researching on patterns of user search behavior in relation to the rate of opt-in mailing list sign-ups.

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