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About Me

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Blogging Park is for Sharing blogging experience,blogging tips,seo,money making idea,online money making tips,home base job,micro-work,freelance work,fun,Indian culture,news,Indian movies,sports,Personal happening in life.Its a simple and straight platform for expressing every blog happening.Do come,visit us and let share your expression with us.

Let’s some serious talk about the owner of Blogging Park:

Hi I am Manas kabiraj the owner of this website “Blogging Park”.I am blogging since 2007 and started my blogging journey from blogspot.Even though I achieved some reputations there yet I lost all the content from there.This insist me to make a self hosted wordpress blog.I love to write everything about  A to Z of blogging with the help of my blogging experience.

manas kabiraj

Actually I am an electrical engineer and teacher of vocational school.Blogging is my part time job.I am very much passionate for my blog.I write here everything about blogging.It includes blogging tips and tricks,SEO related content,money making ideas,my culture and about my daily life.Besides that I have little interest on Photoshop and Design.Though English is my third language,yet it couldn’t stop my passion for my blogging.

Source of Inspiration : I am living with my parents with my wife and a baby “Adrija”.I love my family,they are my inspiration for doing everything in life.My Wife “Nandita” often help me to complete my blogging task.She is even very much fond of blog writing.I have two other blog(though some blog had been deleted),which are “Online Money” and “MybabyAdrija“.

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Contact: Manas kabiraj                                                       Suri,Barabgan,Birbhum,India                                                                                                           Email-admn(@)bloggingpark(dot)com