Advantage of Google Plus 1 widget

Advantage of Google Plus 1 widget

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Google has launched their new social widget ” Google Plus if you have.
2) Google call it “this is pretty cool” or “you can check this out”. Only logged-n user can click on the button.When you will click on any button,it will be displayed in your Google profile.
Obviously Google suggest you only click on any,if you likes or want to recommend to others.
3) Like Google buzz ,Google plus 1 doesn’t allow to comments.Those click will be displayed publicly to registered user who are logged-in.
4) Google Plus 1 button are available with different sizes.The button is customizable,if you want to see the API documentations then visit Google plus 1 page.
5) Clicking on any Plus 1 button means you are liking those URL where the button are present.This means your individual content could get exposure for SERP.
6) More things are not clear for me,such as the button can increase your load time if you install it properly.It can increase your crawl rate for your content.
7) Button will not work for any private URL.The button are available for 44 languages still now.It is available in YouTube,bloggers and Google search.
8) if you are in blogger then you can set this widget from your page element-edit post body section.
9) For WordPress users,you can use several plugin for this widget.But I have checked those plug-in are not suitable at all like other social plugin.I mean for a single Google plus 1 widget you can get good plugin but with others social widget its not good yet.
10) if you want to implement this widget directly through their code,then go to this site of Google Plus 1,API documentations.Read their details guidance,customize your icon and install it.This are some advantage of Google Plus widget.Thanks.

if you have any experience with Google plus 1 widget,then please share with us.Thanks.

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  1. teecup says:

    Thanks for the info. I thought it was just a duplicate of the Facebook Like button… which I click only when I really, really, really like the page I’m in. :)

  2. ashish says:

    This Google Plug button was initialy a hint to launching of Google Plus but since it has been added to web master tools as well this has become ethnic and traditional sharing tool or must use tool!!

    • Manas Kabiraj says:

      I think this will be most powerful widget in coming future.As Google has clearly stated that they will prefer those content which has much popularity among readers.

  3. Jean says:

    Nice to hear about Google Plus 1.
    I just added into my cooking blog a few days ago.
    Anyway, I’m visiting your blog from your Bloggers’ profile. :)
    Thank you for your friendship request.
    Have a nice day!

  4. TechGopal says:

    it is must add button & it will u to improve SE position also……
    thanxx for sharing ……

  5. Tommy says:

    Great post!
    I recommend using Google+ Statistics Widget at :

  6. Ulysses Capicotto says:

    Hey, I was looking through your site and I think I have a pretty good idea for it. Actually, I have a really good idea for it. Have you considered formatting your website for mobile sites? You’d be crazy if you didn’t. That’s my main source of bread these days :-) . I spent about 20 minutes to get it working right and added a stupid little code. Guess what, I’m averaging about $500 a week now from a blog that was doing $20/day (on a good day). Here is where I got my scripts: No shenanigans, I really am making good money online with this, I just thought I’d show you guys how I’m doing it. Lemme know if you need any help by the way (email, etc…)

  7. Benedict says:

    I am working on a project now which for some reason cannot be disclosed. The google plus widgets have been placed both at the top and bottom of my pages. The top one loads fine but the bottom one does not. Your statement about using them anywhere on the page is not very clear in the section (What is google Plus 1 widget ?).
    Can it be used in multiple locations on a single page or not?
    Thank you.

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