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Few disadvantages,Google plus should think about it

In my earlier two post I have describe what Google+ or Google plus has advantages as a social widget or network.I write about Few point should know about Google Plus but there also has some disadvantages of Google plus.Disadvantages,Google plus are not related but its true even Google plus has some drawbacks.This are mainly from Google reputation which people think always before going to use any Google products and few are market competitions which Google plus brings automatically when launch.Here we will discuss about few disadvantages which are presently big threat for Google plus widget. Read More

Few point should know about Google plus

I was forget to add some more point in my earlier post “Advantage of Google Plus 1 widget ” which should user know about Google Plus or Google + social widget.First let me clear the recent Updates from Google that they has decided not to allow any private profile for Google plus.I don’t know whether this should negatively affect user mind or not but ob course this is an issue for Google critics.I have noticed few tweets regrading this (I have too tweeted this news),people are saying this could affect negatively .Now my basic aim of this post to give some awareness about few more strong point about Google Plus social widget which you should know. Read More

Advantage of Google Plus 1 widget

Google has launched their new social widget ” Google Plus 1 ” or ” Google + 1 “.Now webmaster,blogger are thinking to get complete juice from this new social widget for their website,business.We too are thinking about its advantages or it could tighten the task of getting recommendation for your content or product.Is it similar to Google buzz or quite different from it.Many question are arising on our mind.Let’s start to play with this new social widget.I will share some important point about Google Plus 1 widget or you can call it advantages of new social widget. Read More

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