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Few disadvantages,Google plus should think about it

In my earlier two post I have describe what Google+ or Google plus has advantages as a social widget or network.I write about Few point should know about Google Plus but there also has some disadvantages of Google plus.Disadvantages,Google plus are not related but its true even Google plus has some drawbacks.This are mainly from Google reputation which people think always before going to use any Google products and few are market competitions which Google plus brings automatically when launch.Here we will discuss about few disadvantages which are presently big threat for Google plus widget. Read More

Choosing a webhosting service for your website

In coming February 8th this blog ” Blogging Park ” will celebrate its one year completion.Finally we manage to cover one year with our blog.Now the question is we have to renew our hosting and domain’s accordingly.My first hosting and domain provider was Go-daddy,I am using “was” , cause I am not sure whether I will continue with them.Anyway I have renewed my domain service for another one year with them,as this are not very problematic with them.Main problem was during this time with my hosting service.I got several difficulties and redirection problem which led my blog some seo lack.So I have decided to switch over new hosting service provider.I am considering different provider. Read More

Befrienders Working on the Internet to Assist Suicide Prone

Professional befriender communities are working on internet to make depressed people desist from making suicides. These communities trace suicidal notes on social networking websites and come to their aid as early as possible.

Professional befriender volunteers are helping suicide prone people on internet. They are assisting those people who leave suicide notes on social networking websites before taking the horrible step. Recently many incidents of suicides have been reported in which the concerned person left a suicide note on social networking sites like Facebook and others. Last year a UK charity worker committed suicide during the event of Christmas. She wrote a suicide note on her Facebook wall telling all online friends that she had taken pills and will be dead in some minutes. Read More

Few point should know about Google plus

I was forget to add some more point in my earlier post “Advantage of Google Plus 1 widget ” which should user know about Google Plus or Google + social widget.First let me clear the recent Updates from Google that they has decided not to allow any private profile for Google plus.I don’t know whether this should negatively affect user mind or not but ob course this is an issue for Google critics.I have noticed few tweets regrading this (I have too tweeted this news),people are saying this could affect negatively .Now my basic aim of this post to give some awareness about few more strong point about Google Plus social widget which you should know. Read More

I can’t continue

Hi guys after long time I am here to say you hi.I am not regular this time for my blog Blogging Park.I can’t continue with my blog any more due to serious time management and physical instability.Though I often check my administration area,checking unapproved comment.

Actually I am facing lot of problem right now.My back pain is creating huge problem for me,I can’t sit before my PC for long time.This health issue is in very serious condition,I am taking expert’s opinion about this.This is probably a type of spondilytis.

Again my hosting provider has huge problem with my server.I am getting huge SEO error for this issue.I am thinking to change hosting provider but have to wait for financial stability.

By the way I am not getting any more Guest post offer,so if you want to write for this blog,please feel free to contact us.Thanks.

Have a nice day.

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