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Is Yebhi Racing Ahead To Beat Myntra?

Online stores are growing in numbers and stature. Out of the various online stores in India, some stores perform exceptionally well to retain the trust of customers. The performance of these online stores keeps the customers motivated to make their purchases online. Among some of the leading players in Indian online scenario, we find Yebhi and Myntra doing exceptionally well. Yebhi is a junior when compared to Myntra but its performance defy its junior status. Let us see if Yebhi is all set to beat Myntra in the online race. Read More

Get Ready to Make Money Online By Choosing the Best Domain Name

There are lots of SEO strategies that can help optimize your web page which are build for make Money Online. But what does it specifically optimize? Probably the home page. It is the same page that gains higher page rank than other inner pages. Thus, it is important to focus on on-page optimization as the first step in search engine optimization. As an essential aspect of SEO, linking within the pages will be really helpful.

Believe it or not, you can start with your own search engine optimization. Because hiring SEO professional can be a bit expensive at times, it is important for you to learn the basic of search engine optimization and practice some techniques. With on-page optimization, you don’t have to go that far to get started. Your main focus is on your site. Read More

Search Engine Optimization – where local goes social

Increasing the visibility of a particular site on the internet with the help of some unpaid or natural searches is known Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms the site is ranked with a better position on increase in number of people visiting it. The more number of people visit the site, the better position the site gets on the search engine. The inbound and outbound links, woven together result in search engine optimization. Inbound links means backlink or links that point back to your site. Initially SEO was merely the work related to Meta tags and density of keywords, but now the Search engine optimization is more related to useful contents and backlinks it incorporates. Read More

The Art of Staying Up-to-Date in SEO Industry

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Cyberspace is boiling over with information on virtually every topic that you could possibly think of. Moreover, the search engine industry, by its very nature is constantly adapting, changing and evolving to keep pace with this quagmire of information. While it is not possible to track every nano change, how does one really keep abreast of the ‘relevant’ developments?  Further, with time being a major constraint, there is a definite need to weed out the chaff for a meaningful knowledge-sourcing process. Here are some of vital hints to help you stay on top: Read More

SEO Blogging Tips

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is of great importance if you want to improve the number of people that read your blogs. There are several strategies that can be used to implement and make the most of SEO for your blog. Read More

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