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SEO Techniques for an Online Gadget Store

SEO Techniques for an Online Gadget Store

Search Engine Optimization methods and principles may vary in application depending on the type of website, its content, audience and purpose. The SEO campaign of a niche website may differ from a blog and a storefront. Then again, one store’s campaign may differ from another store. For example, an online clothing store may employ a few techniques that may not be necessary for a gadget store. Here are a few basic considerations that need to be accommodated when planning a Search Engine Optimization campaign for an online gadget store.

Organizing the Product Catalog

For an online gadget store, it is imperative that the products are properly classified and organized. The first step is to group like items – smart phones, tablets, laptops, net books, cameras and their respective accessories must be classified accordingly. The second step is to group like items by brand. In this way, the customers can easily browse the items in which they are interested. Also, search engine spiders would be able to crawl the related pages more efficiently. Read More

The Art of Staying Up-to-Date in SEO Industry

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Cyberspace is boiling over with information on virtually every topic that you could possibly think of. Moreover, the search engine industry, by its very nature is constantly adapting, changing and evolving to keep pace with this quagmire of information. While it is not possible to track every nano change, how does one really keep abreast of the ‘relevant’ developments?  Further, with time being a major constraint, there is a definite need to weed out the chaff for a meaningful knowledge-sourcing process. Here are some of vital hints to help you stay on top: Read More

SEO Blogging Tips

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, is of great importance if you want to improve the number of people that read your blogs. There are several strategies that can be used to implement and make the most of SEO for your blog. Read More

Search engine visibility:Godaddy Report

Many of us hosting their website Godaddy.I am not going to talk about its advantage or disadvantages.I am just going to share a SEO report from their search engine visibility tools for my website.I had tried many times this tools,all the time it has some bad news for my website.Here is top 10 Seo Check list which you can too try for yourselves. Read More

How to stop indexing duplicate content and title

In earlier post I have discuss about canonical url and duplicate content.How to stop them,how to stop search engine to crawl your duplicate content.Whether you are copying content from another source or not it is confirm that you are creating duplicate content and duplicate title at your site.In the beginning of my search of this term duplicate content when I find an analysis about my seo weakness through SEO tools,I find so many post with same title and so many link for same content.Here we will discuss about how to stop search engine to crawl those content. Read More

Remove duplicate content,set canonical url

When checking once my SEO checklist from my web-host provider,I am still getting duplicate content,title problem.So here we can learn about duplicate content,duplicate title and how to remove them.What is canonical url and how to set it for your web site?These are my basic topics for this post.I tried to learn everything about that,find some useful hints and content regarding this,as well you too have some knowledge,so we can give a better advice to our newbie.That’s why I need your experience and opinions about it.Do you have anything to share about it then please COMMENTS HERE. Read More