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Selling text link,making some money is a good idea

Selling text link or banner space is a very good idea for the bloggers who are engaging in trying to earn some money by any how through their blog.Blog or personal website is a good platform to promote any advertising company.I know there are so many site who sell text link individually as they are all popular amongst other (Like John Chow),but most of the blogger depends on third party site who manage selling link or buying link (Like etc). I will mention here about who are new to this industry but rapidly growing and capturing market share of selling text link business. Read More

Search Engine Optimization – where local goes social

Increasing the visibility of a particular site on the internet with the help of some unpaid or natural searches is known Search Engine Optimization. In simple terms the site is ranked with a better position on increase in number of people visiting it. The more number of people visit the site, the better position the site gets on the search engine. The inbound and outbound links, woven together result in search engine optimization. Inbound links means backlink or links that point back to your site. Initially SEO was merely the work related to Meta tags and density of keywords, but now the Search engine optimization is more related to useful contents and backlinks it incorporates. Read More

Dove love care to your hair,its a simple contest

Maybe I am here for this contest after some time,maybe I am still lover of my beauty hair.I don’t know how to proceed for this contest but I am always feel happy to talk about my hair.I always take care of that.Its not too long but its my favorite health care.

I love my short,small curly,blackish hair.That’s all I can say about my hair.


Its simply under contest conception,so please pardon me if you not find this post unrelated to your interest.Thanks.

Free Traffic Building Strategies

This is a guest post by Ashish Sukhija who blogs at

The web world is full of get more traffic advertisements which ask you to pay ..$$$ and earn lots of targeted traffic but have you ever thought that you are already having so many free resources to earn enough of targeted traffic and also make it viral. Read More

How to do enough seo and community building for new website

I was thinking to give the title of this post as “My successful journey for Blogging Park”,then I think this journey taught me lot of things,gave the opportunity to grab enormous experience,gave some success at the end,then why not call this journey as beginner seo and community building method for a new website.I learn many things throughout this journey,I got lot of experience in this last 4 and half months.But I never say let it go.In just 10 days I meshed up with some serious code and had lost total control of my blog.I never give up,tried to build basic knowledge with wordpress code,re-install my blog for once again,re-collected and re-posted almost 10 post,12 widgets,13 plug-ins.That’s force me to do enough hard work. Read More

Guys excuse me

Serious problem with my new blog Blogging Park.Sorry for inconvenience.My total blog was crushing down,I am starting from zero once again.Please stay with me.Thanks.

Update:I am in deep trouble,my blog was totally crush down on 28th Feb,I lost all the theme,widget and post and comments.I am just retrieving my some post from my rss feed and trying to post on similar basis like it was earlier.


It was for editing some code and plugin.I lost administrations menu completely,Yesterday I have re-install wordpress for once again.So I am just busy to collect my old work.Please stay with me.