How to do enough seo and community building for new website

How to do enough seo and community building for new website

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I was thinking to give the title of this post as “My successful journey for Blogging Park”,then I think this journey taught me lot of things,gave the opportunity to grab enormous experience,gave some success at the end,then why not call this journey as beginner seo and community building method for a new website.I learn many things throughout this journey,I got lot of experience in this last 4 and half months.But I never say let it go.In just 10 days I meshed up with some serious code and had lost total control of my blog.I never give up,tried to build basic knowledge with wordpress code,re-install my blog for once again,re-collected and re-posted almost 10 post,12 widgets,13 plug-ins.That’s force me to do enough hard work.

OK,lets talk about some achievement :

I know this hard work force me to do some serious seo for my blog,I gradually build up my community,makes lot of back-links(Around 2500 in 4 month),divided my internal links into proportional weight,so that my every page get same exposure from reader and search engine.I know in this journey my main problem was my English skill,which is enough poor but I am happy that I have made enough improvement comparing to 2007 when I first had started my blogging.

What Blogging Park gets,which you can too achieve ?
Yes,Blogging Park is now popular blog among many social network of blogger.When I was writing for “FreeMoneyMaker” (My first blog),I had nothing any brand name like Blogging Park has.I had PR3 pages for FreeMoneyMaker but I never get any success like Blogging Park achieved.

  • Blogging Park home page has now Google page rank of 2 and my other page like “Money Park” and some other popular post (like about duplicate content,canonical content) has also get PR 1.
  • Our 95% of pages are indexed by search engine.Though this figure exclude category pages,tag pages,archive pages and many other administration pages.
  • We has well alexa rank,about 64000.We just get this rank in 4 months.
  • Blogging Park daily visit now increasing to 200/day and page views are almost 300 on average.Among this we have mix category hits like direct hits,referral hits,search engine hits etc.
  • We have almost 25% organic traffic,which I can say a big achievement.We have nothing buy any software or package from third party.I know if we do this we can convert this success into 200%.
    Blogging Park has almost 2500 back-links from other sites.

So what are our enough seo for Blogging Park ?

Right,this our main objectives in this post to put some clear versions or work which we did in last 4 months.We will continue to do so,and why not share our secret of success with you when you are too going to same way to get some success for your website/blog.

In just 4 months we did lot of seo,we are now talk about this seo.

  • First I would suggest to beginners,don’t publish your blog before doing minimum work on it.Take your time,make at least 10 post before going to in front of people or search engine.WordPress has this option,not to publish publicly.
  • Search for something required plugin for your website/blog which will monetize your whole seo in absence of you.Install “all in one seo” or “wp seo” by yoast .This will give you a chance to explore your post pages in front of search engine.I will post about some essential plug-ins and adons which will help you to boost your SERP.
  • Provide no-follow to all external links which is possible.Give only do-follow to your blogger friend whose content are related,give some do-follow to good forum link or any other external links.Let it to understand search engine that you are not doing anything for getting seo juice.You are giving proper follow instructions to every external links.Try to balance them always.
  • Comments are welcome always,but linking are very risky,try to avoid broken links,spam links,un-related links.Remember linking are always important for enough seo.
  • Watch your Google search keywords for which people are visiting you.Try to make those keywords featured keyword.Write for those keyword in some interval.
  • Always write post about keywords in series.Like two/three/four post about same keyword.This will provide message to your reader and search engine that you have enough to say about this keyword.

Now some talk about community building :

To make your community means you have to increase your play area for your blog.You need different types of reader and visitor.Try to analyze them,try to know their interest,ask them to involve in your community.

  • First I had made two accounts in each social network.Like Facebook ,twitter,LinkedIn,MySpace,Digg,StumbleUpon etc.I always share my content through this second account after sharing with first one.
  • Visit other,share their content,follow them,like them,Digg them.It will bring some attention for you towards them.
  • Make visit and comments on other site.Remember you can comment on any site of any niche,but only linking to same niche content.Comments often on do-follow and niche category.This will bring some good back-link to you.
  • Always use different keyword or anchor text when you are commenting on others,link them to different post/pages.I know this will need other permission to play with different anchor text,some blogger doesn’t allow to comment with anchor text.For them use your real name and add your anchor text with related link in main comment area.If your anchor text are related to their content too then they will sure allow your comment.
  • Make your website/blog do-follow,Use no-follow case by case plugin to give proper follow instruction to every link.This will interact reader to comment on you.
  • Allow all comments which are related to your niche or post.Give them do-follow if their link are also related to you,this will provide message to search engine and your readers too that this link are related to your content,they can visit it also for reference.
    Give no-follow tag to those comments which are from different category but the commentators are your well know blogger or friend.Make sure they are not spreading spam.Search engine will understand this link are not to be follow,but its not also dangerous.
  • Remove all spam comments,which are unknown to you,which are completely unrelated to your content.Their main policy is that spreading spam towards your community.
  • Use anti-spam plugin like akismet .
  • Remove broken links,redirected links if unrelated,dead links.
  • Digg,tweets and share other people’s content so that they came to you and do same for you.Re-tweets your content and ask your reader to do so.
  • Add your blog in several blog directory.This will bring good back-link and some traffic for you.
  • Add your blog at,make their friend,follow them,share their content,they will do reverse.I get daily 20 visit from bloggers.
  • Send message to your followers,ask them to visit your site and share it.
  • In every country there have so many blogger community,add your blog there,make there friends and do same like above.That is how you can build your community.

I will write though more post about community building and enough seo in my next post.However you visit my twitter followers-how to increase them.I think this will help you to get some success for your new website/blog.Though I don’t think I have touch all the points which I should do,but don’t worry I will provide them in my next post.By the way you can add your tips to this post.I will update it with your name.Thanks.

About: Manas Kabiraj

Manas Kabiraj is the owner and author of Blogging Park.He is writing for last four years.He loves to write about everything at Blogging Park,if you want to know about him more then read the About Me page.You may subscribe his post through E-mail=>RSS feed


  1. ashish says:

    Nice to read your success journey.. Cool MAnas!!

  2. teecup says:

    I’m using blogger and by default, my blog is a do-follow site. How do I select which links to be do-follow or no-follow? Any pointers will be appreciated. Great tips by the way.

  3. Dude am stuck badly at traffic of 1600 hits per day! can’t proceed ahead God knows why!!!
    Would check out your article again and wish this helps me out.
    All the best for your journey ahead.

  4. You have not discussed about the forum posting and forum links.

    Don’t you think that this will also give more exposure to your blog while you make useful post at their related to your niche with the forum signature.

    Maintaining Social Media is really time consuming, so if you have a mobile device which can support facebook, twitter and digg than you can utilise your travelling time, waiting on que and so on.

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