I can’t continue

I can’t continue

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Hi guys after long time I am here to say you hi.I am not regular this time for my blog Blogging Park.I can’t continue with my blog any more due to serious time management and physical instability.Though I often check my administration area,checking unapproved comment.

Actually I am facing lot of problem right now.My back pain is creating huge problem for me,I can’t sit before my PC for long time.This health issue is in very serious condition,I am taking expert’s opinion about this.This is probably a type of spondilytis.

Again my hosting provider#alrp##/alrp# has huge problem with my server.I am getting huge SEO error for this issue.I am thinking to change hosting provider but have to wait for financial stability.

By the way I am not getting any more Guest post offer,so if you want to write for this blog,please feel free to contact us.Thanks.

Have a nice day.

About: Manas Kabiraj

Manas Kabiraj is the owner and author of Blogging Park.He is writing for last four years.He loves to write about everything at Blogging Park,if you want to know about him more then read the About Me page.You may subscribe his post through E-mail=>RSS feed

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  1. Manas, I wanted you to know that I can feel your pain that you must be going through. I wouldn’t ordinarily say that (hate it when others say it to me) but for the fact I am also living with back problems and it is one of the worst pains that I think one can try to live with. I have spinal stenosis and have had two surgeries and can not have anymore. Sitting behind a computer can really hurt your back, shoulders, and the carpal tunnel nerve in your hands from typing! I’m not sure which one is worst to live with honestly.
    I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to either but, I never really was one that believed in posting every single day or ever other day.Back when I first started blogging,a well known blogger friend had told me that if you wait and post every other or wait and post 1 post a week or 2 a month, you would have a larger readership. I guess the
    theory was readers would be curious as to what you would be writing about next. and I felt it was due to several health problems over the years. I guess what I’m trying to tell you is I think I know where you are coming from, and how you must feel. You have a wonderful blog and you do a great job at giving us your point of views on different matters to do with the Internet. I do hope that you won’t decide to stop blogging and give up on the whole aspect of working online. I know you will find someone would love to guest post for you, and I will keep my ears open in case I hear of anyone who’s looking for a guest posting gig & will send them your way. I hope that you will feel better in a short period of time & I wish you many days without pain. jj

  2. Nirmal says:

    Sad to hear it. My wishes to get well soon. take care

  3. Liz Money Web says:

    That is sad to hear. But hey, I am interested in guest posting. I have lots of thoughts coming in so I wanted to write and be more creative and helpful. But I can’t fill up the form in ‘Write for Us’
    It keeps saying validation error. My eyes are brown, what answer is it looking for?!

    • Sorry Liz for this inconvenience.I will test my page.Actually the answer could be anything,I just put this to get some human response,you can easily put your brown eyes as answer.Anyway i will check for it.I will contact you soon for guest posting.

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