Online earning through mobile

Online earning through mobile

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This post are from my old blog.I am here re-writing this because since few days I was watching few searches for the term mobile earning.People are keen to know how earn some money through mobile.Yes you can some handsome money through your mobile number.You have to do nothing,just put your mobile number and receive some sms through it.I should clear that this sites are very much from Indian origin,so if you are from other countries except India,you should clear whether they accept international member or not.

Since my blogging beginning stage I am a member of two sites who provide this earning scope through mobile.For instance you could find their rate of sms are quite low,but it depends on quality of advertiser.Even in your preliminary stage you couldn’t get much more sms but with time the number of sms will be increase.You can though limit the number which ever you want.

What to do ?

You have to do nothing except registering your bio with a mobile number.As soon as you register your number you will start to receive mobile sms from different advertiser.The offer and advertising might catch your interest but its not compulsory that you have to do anything except reading the sms.No need for selling or buying anything.

Where to register :

I am a member of two legit money making sites through mobile.You know while you have a number you are getting daily random text sms from various advertiser through your Network provider.So why not read such sms while they are paying you for reading this.Actually its an one kind of Telemarketing for companies,corporate organizations.

here are two website which provide this facility to earn some bucks through your mobile.First one is mginger and second one is mgarlic .These two are legit sites,I have earned handsome till now,so you can take a chance to earn some bucks while doing your other job.

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  1. That’s good, but with what source they pay you? via PAYPAL or something else?

  2. ashish says:

    I have heard about mginer earlier as well but they pay very less!!

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