Selling text link,making some money is a good idea

Selling text link,making some money is a good idea

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Selling text link or banner space is a very good idea for the bloggers who are engaging in trying to earn some money by any how through their blog.Blog or personal website is a good platform to promote any advertising company.I know there are so many site who sell text link individually as they are all popular amongst other (Like John Chow),but most of the blogger depends on third party site who manage selling link or buying link (Like etc). I will mention here about who are new to this industry but rapidly growing and capturing market share of selling text link business.

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I am a member of this site since few months,I have noticed several changes and updates in their market place,though I haven’t receive much proposal as my own blog is not yet ranked well.I am facing writing problem due to lack of time(For this reason I am searching for some good guest writer who can write regular post in my niche). This is my own problem for not receiving much more offer from LinkVehicle but let talk about LinkVehicle features.Advertisers can Improve their natural search engine rankings through advertise about their product or website by using Buy Text Links or by getting blog reviews.
On the other hand Publishers can make money from their website by placing text-based ads.LinkVehicle have tons of advertisers in need of links and this list grows daily. Payment system is very attractive.So I must say LinkVehicle will be the good option for the bloggers who are searching for some money through their blog.

Finally you can check anytime what they are promising to their publisher or advertisers by visiting their site.I hope this blog post could help our serious blogger who are trying to make some money through text link.Thanks.

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Manas Kabiraj is the owner and author of Blogging Park.He is writing for last four years.He loves to write about everything at Blogging Park,if you want to know about him more then read the About Me page.You may subscribe his post through E-mail=>RSS feed

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  1. teecup says:

    Hi Manas. This is an interesting idea. I’ve always thought that Google frowns about selling text links. For some reason, the great John Chow was able to survive without Google’s help.

    Keep us readers posted know how things work for you on this venture. I hope you’re in better health now.

    More power on your blog site, and thanks for taking time to visit mine. A comment or two would be appreciated — just like in the old Adgitize days! :)

  2. Comedy Plus says:

    I can’t find your Entrecard avatar so I can’t return your drop. Sorry.

    Have a terrific day. :)

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